Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What's the Difference Between Amana and Fujitsu Mini Split Systems?

People who prefer mini split air conditioning systems to central A/C cite several reasons, including easy installation and cooling efficiency. Mini split features differ from one brand to the next. Learn what two popular brands, Amana and Fujitsu, have to offer.

Major Features of Each Brand 
White colored split air conditoner

Both brands offer single-room and multi-zone systems. Fujitsu touts several major benefits, including the following:

- Energy efficiency, thanks to the ductless design that leads to a significant reduction in energy loss

- Individual control per zone, letting members of a household customize the temperature in each room

- High reliability rate, due to exceptional quality control

- Installation ease, without the need for ductwork

- Varied sizes and styles to match a room's decor and meet its cooling needs

- Quiet operation for a noiseless environment

- Smartphone and tablet operation through a custom app The Amana mini split air conditioning system boasts a number of useful features, as well:

- Cooling and heating, with the ability to easily switch modes as seasons change

- Variety of indoor unit types, ranging in design and style

- Wireless control, with multi-feature remote controllers

- Multiple levels of operation, including temperature control, automatic restart after power loss, and a selection of comfort modes

- Jet cool fan features, to cool a room quickly

The Main Differences

While both Amana and Fujitsu offer a wide range of features in their air conditioning mini split systems, there are some differences. Fujitsu offers a smaller outdoor condenser, while Amana's outdoor unit is quieter. Amana provides a slightly wider cooling and heating range, while Fujitsu has a slightly higher efficiency rating. All in all, both brands offer convenient features for systems that are built to last and designed to cool efficiently even on the hottest days.

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