Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ways to Extend the Life of Your Furnace

Even the highest-quality appliances don’t last forever, and eventually, every furnace or air conditioner reaches the end of its life. There are a few factors that determine the longevity of a furnace, and understanding them can help homeowners avoid replacing the unit sooner than necessary.

Change the Filter Regularly 
An open air vent being dusted

A dirty filter restricts airflow into the system, causing it to work overtime to produce the same amount of heat. Overheating reduces the life of the heat exchanger and could lead to a breakdown. Between yearly preventative maintenance appointments, homeowners should change their filters every one to two months, or according to the manufacturer’s specifications. A clean air filter makes for a healthy HVAC system.

Keep Coils Clean

Units with the air conditioning system and coil on top of the furnace should always have a clean coil to increase the lifespan of both the furnace and the coil itself. A clean coil prevents the drain from plugging and leaking condensation on the furnace beneath it. Failing to keep the coil clean can lead to rust and corrosion on the heat exchanger and damage to the system’s electrical components.

Reduce Moisture Levels

It isn’t just leaking condensation that can cause the heat exchanger to rust or corrode; high moisture levels are also a threat. High moisture levels are prevalent during humid weather and in homes with too much indoor humidity. A dehumidifier can help prevent that buildup of moisture and extend the life of the furnace.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

During a yearly service appointment, a professional technician will inspect the system to ensure it’s operating according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and detect any potential issues with the heat exchanger, venting system, chimney, and other components. The technician will also check for carbon monoxide leaks, dirty ducts, and other issues that could cause health problems. Scheduling this appointment in the fall ensures the furnace can handle those sub-freezing winter temperatures. 

HVAC systems are costly to replace, even with financing, but taking proper care of yours will extend its life as long as possible. Larson’s Heating & Cooling, Inc has been providing HVAC services to Middletown, NY families for 35 years. Let us handle all your heating installation, service, and repair needs in preparation for the season. Contact us online or call 845-344-3030 today to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment.