Friday, June 23, 2017

A Quick Look at Three Common Types of HVAC Warranties

Understanding HVAC warranties can help with choosing the best product and the right professional for the installation. Not all makers of HVACs offer the same warranty options, but Larson's Heating & Cooling, Inc's quality heating and cooling products fall under one of these three categories.

Base Limited Warranties 
HVAC unit kept in the backyard of a house

All major brands offer a standard product warranty, also referred to as a factory warranty. It generally covers most (but not all) HVAC parts, as well as the compressor(s), for a specific period after purchase—hence “limited.” Systems by leading heating and cooling equipment manufacturers, like Goodman, York, Amana, Peerless, and Fujitsu all carry a base limited warranty of between five and 12 years, depending on the make and model. These warranties come as a function of purchase at no additional cost.

Registered Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most major HVAC manufacturers also offer additional limited warranties that extend coverage in terms of both time and scope, covering more parts or conditions for a longer period. Better companies offer Lifetime Registered Limited Warranties good for the entire time of the purchaser’s home ownership. Goodman was the first in the industry to offer it, although Amana, York, and Fujitsu all do as well. The only catch is that the purchase details must be reported back to the maker, usually within 30-90 days of the date of purchase (as opposed to the date of installation). This is often done easily online. While not automatic, except in Quebec and California, registered limited warranties also come fee-free.

Optional Extended Warranty

For an additional fee, these manufacturer-specific warranties offer coverage for add-ons—like emergency service calls, replacements for certain components, or labor—that are not covered under the brand’s base limited product warranty. While often more comprehensive, the time and scope of optional extended warranties may be seasonal, regional, or both. They may also simply enhance or lengthen the terms of an active registered limited warranty, depending on the manufacturer. Optional warranties are available from Williamson and Goodman, among others.

To choose the best way to keep comfortable year-round, it pays to ask a heating and cooling specialist about the specifics of HVAC warranty options before installation begins.